detention time being punished to stand in the corridor. unfortunately shaming only works on bots who actually have shame (´-`)

brainstorm is literally the only person aboard the lost light who would think it appropriate to give any sort of firearm to whirl. whirl is also literally the only person who would jump and volunteer to play with brainstorm’s untested guns. an irresponsible weapon-making scientist and an irresponsible trigger-happy weirdo. it’s like the universe meant for them to be friends.

fullview of top picture (。◝ v ◜。)


some WIP saves and different versions because I liked them!

the red one at the bottom right was one I recoloured for the shits and giggles to try make look like this cover, to not much success woops. I just still think it’s such a good-looking cover, they did such a brilliant job on it *___*


because I don’t didn’t say it enough

love you, miss you, wish you weren’t so dead

I really loved all the schrodinger theories about mtmte #31 so I drew it……rewind as the lone survivor of the quantum explosion that killed the entire crew of the lost light…… I like to imagine him drifting for two years through dead space in the wreckage of the lost light, alone and clinging to the only part of his conjux endura that didn’t get blown to bits (´_`★)


pls click though!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
nautica was so cute in the #31 preview. she just fizzles when she receives compliments and it’s so adorable. I love nautica and brainstorm being friends (*´∇`*)
also, I imagine that brainstorm gets super touchy-feely with his co-scientists when on science-related adrenaline highs, especially when really really excited about a breakthrough. he just loves science so much and will bear hug people in the heat of the moment, then two seconds later immediately prance back to doing science. he has absolutely no idea about his tendency. so many people have been victims. long-term friends/co-workers like chromedome and perceptor have just been forced to accept it as a fact of life.
i-indulgent headcanons (⌣_⌣;;)


ladyformers bayverse drift!!!!! japanese lady drift!!!!!!!

honestly weird samurai-themed robots in a sci-fi alien setting speaks nothing besides blatant orientalism/exoticism/tokenism, but I daydreamed about a kamakura period feudal japan ladyformers AU where everyone is japanese and everyone is a lady. warring feudal lords!! samurai changing allegiances!! I drew drift as a lady warrior and she uses a naginata instead of a sword ( ´∀`*)

meanwhile, autobot drift: massive butt, stab-happy, unappreciated poetry nerd.

im still learning how to draw robots so in the meantime i keep drawing ladyformers, it’s terrible, i’m terrible. brainstorm, british scientist with brains and ego the size of a small planet; nice hair and and even nicer WMDs. meanwhile, the only thing stronger than occupational dandy perceptor’s eyebrows is her boner for science (and killing things).

//I read all of brainstorm’s lines with natalie dormer’s voice and accent because im a massive doofus (ノ´ー`)ノ

brainstorm has symmetrical triangles on both sides of his helm so I made it into hair twists……… I was honestly gonna draw a scruffier dude brainstorm because he’s a huge dorky nerd, but then I thought british lady scientists. and also the one-sided Massive Lesbian Crush brainstorm is sporting. does she want to get Totally Lame perceptor to recognise her undoubted genius? or does she want to stare at perceptor’s perfect face all day? no one knows but it’s a total trainwreck.

woops sorry for posting again, I forgot to upload this earlier, this is the still version of that dancing whirl gif I did! ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ

drawing whirl is so fun, i’ve filled up a page in my sketchpad just of him and his chicken legs.

PARTY AT SWERVE’S I just wanted to draw whirl doing a really really dumb dance i’m sorry, i really have no excuse

the gifs are a little bit big, so if they’re slow or jerky you should click into my blog or check them out on imgur! (party version(non party version)

it’s 4am rn (*´◡` *)⋆ฺ*:゚*



soft-spoken mind-doctor with googly glasses, caterpillar eyebrows and a terrible fashion sense

I drew tqc-doodles's whirl because she's literally the most perfect (シ_ _)シ (sorry) (im so sorry)



soft-spoken mind-doctor with googly glasses, caterpillar eyebrows and a terrible fashion sense

I drew tqc-doodles's whirl because she's literally the most perfect (シ_ _)シ (sorry) (im so sorry)

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