A panel redraw of this panel here! Somewhat inaccurate, but I tried ;u;

Problem Sleuth is a cutie, this took me way too long, and I’m just going to leave this here and crash.

I drew this a year and 9 months ago would you believe

achievementgrape asked: I love blogs like yours; they're full of cool fan art.

thank you friend, I do my best! hahaha achievement hunter AUs is almost all I draw nowadays. thank you for the kind message, it was super lovely to see!!!

this is probably a good time to mention to everyone also that my requests are perpetually open, if you have anything that you want to see drawn you should consider tossing it into my inbox uwu

take my carrots, michael. hold my carrots.

michael went out of his way to pick these up in minecraft and i’m laughing just imagining actual michael scrambling to pick up all 35 of gavin’s carrots one by one and bundling all this garden produce through the portal while everything in the nether is shooting fire at him. true friendship tbh.

your lawyer said it was fine, gavvo

……it’s just you and I, Alpha Two.

On the bright side, your cut just got a hell of a lot bigger.

i’m 900% sure this is not what you meant when you said “draw heist AU” but the LP was really fantastic, i’m so sorry (i’m really sorry)

gavin got blown up, jack got shot, and michael and ray got gunned down by cops and died piled together. and bossman geoff sitting there safe with the money while hearing his teams drop off one by one (❀◕ ‿ ◕❀)

fullsize comic (I had to cut it up to get it on tumblr so you should look at the stitched version!)

geoff the monopoly mascot guy!! he has the moustache for it, I think. what a cute LP uwu

[zombie noises intensify]

don’t die, ryan

if there was anyone in blood gulch who would get their baby’s face tattooed on their arm I think it would 100% be this guy

tucker is a hot dad pass it on

a day in the life of goeff ramsey, our friendly neighbourhood farming and mercantile supplier: fearlessly defending AH farms from mobs and catburglars since minecraft episode 93. good on you, goeff.

potential outfit? i’m going to the pride parade at mardi gras tomorrow!

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