sorry, accidentally deleted my post like the intelligent adult i am. here’s a pharma uvu

from a few days ago!

sad eyebrow girl

sad eyebrow girl


my girlfriend gave me a bunch of requests and i tried so hard not to draw even more useless homos but alas

doodle omake:


some generic heads because im a weakling who cant go without drawing a miko in every single lecture break


and then you did what he asked you to do
you opened your heart up
four chambers, just a standard issue

but none had room, forgiveness is huge

and you had two full of ice water
one full of salt
one packed with coal

eager and willing to find fault


[muffled sound of four other djd nerds in the mid-distance]

bibliotecaria-d sent me a kind message and im a giant flustered butt when it comes to things in my inbox, so i drew aggressively-festive kaon a la his tiny dial-up counterpart in domestic electronics. i recently lost all my teeth in the process of reading that ridiculously cute fic and have resigned myself to a life of tofu.

here’s the gif on imgur if it isn’t working! im a massive dweeb im sorry (シ_ _)シ


by the way here look, some textless panels from this sucker here that I posted a bit ago. it sure looks different without the brainstorm-induced sparkles laughs.

I’m so glad about both of their reformats uvu. pre-mtmte brainstorm never fails to make me think of lego?? those little buttons and stickers on his chest??


how to correctly interact with your scientific coworkers, ft. brainstorm the useless homosexual

fullsize stitched version

I can’t believe I drew this

knightmare060 asked: Do you take adult 18+ art requests? :)

ummm, I can take them for transformers but probably over on my tf nsfw blog! (i won’t link here because im too embarrassed and ashamed but it’s not that hard to find) i can’t make any promises though, sorry, but i dont mind you sending them in.

if you weren’t after transformers though I don’t think I’d draw 18+ requests for any of the other series I have on this blog, like achievement hunter (no rps for me sorry) or wtnv or problem sleuth and so on. sorry! uvu;;


detention time being punished to stand in the corridor. unfortunately shaming only works on bots who actually have shame (´-`)

brainstorm is literally the only person aboard the lost light who would think it appropriate to give any sort of firearm to whirl. whirl is also literally the only person who would jump and volunteer to play with brainstorm’s untested guns. an irresponsible weapon-making scientist and an irresponsible trigger-happy weirdo. it’s like the universe meant for them to be friends.

fullview of top picture (。◝ v ◜。)

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