some generic doodles because I realised that amongst other things I’ve never managed to draw, I’ve also never drawn mobsterswitch ehehe

I imagine scoff’s a terrible mobster in the same way that scout is a terrible detective, and it’s generally agreed that he could probably be quite formidable if he could do things like keep his phone in one piece, and stop wearing that cheap green tie everywhere, and stop saying dumb one-liners that only he (and scout, grudgingly) think sound cool.

I imagine that one time scout finally tracks down his base of operation (it’s a dingy and bland office building), and prepares to show scoff his stabs, but the door is blocked with a massive bust of Ben Stiller for some reason and so he pounds on it and yells that IT’S POLICE MOTHERFUCKER, OPEN THE DOOR NOW OR SO HELP ME. and scoff is just oh thank god scout you came, I’ve been stuck in this office for 12 hours and after drinking all that coffee I really need to pee

scout just puts a few knives into Stiller and leaves with scoff still on the other side of the door, and that’s the story of why scoff’s office smells like a urinal sometimes uvu

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